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About Me

My name is Aneta Wisniewka. I am solar physicist at the Leibniz- Institute for Astrophysics in Potsdam, Germany. My main field of research  focuses on Solar Physics and Helioseismology. I graduated at the Leibniz Institute for Solarphysics in Freiburg, Germany. My doctoral degree is in Heliophysics. 

My current research evolved into new projects driven by the results of my recent investigations. I am highly interested in waves propagation inside the solar atmosphere. I am also considering a holistic concept of space weather prediction.

For more than 6 years I was involved in the spectroscopy and development of multiwavelength spectrometer. During my career I've gained substantial exprience in solar high-resolution ground-based observations. I am involved in image correction, processing and data pipelines. I love to observe the Sun and plan the observing campaigns.

My recent publications are listed in 'Publications' tab.

Moreover, I am fascinated with an ancient astronomy, artefacts and antique sky maps, especially of northern hemisphere created in  china empire.

Privately I am a wife and mother of two wonderful boys. My passion is painting, sewing and equine photography.

I love to spend time with animals, friends and familly and practicing yoga.

Feel free to get in touch with me to say 'Hi' or to gain more information about my work.

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